Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #5


[Dateline: Convention Authority] Authority cruiser CAS Bradbury has tracked and captured the killers behind the attack on the mining vessel Axkl: a pirate vessel of the Dank Lords of Gulch. The surviving pirates have been delivered to Shinyuan to stand trial.

[Dateline: Newbury] Horde of naked androids reported roaming the outland steppes. Puritan regime at a loss regarding how to combat, asking for help.

[Dateline: Prospero Incline] Contact restored with deep space research station Xylio. Comm breakdown blamed on dark matter leak from station’s singularity reactor. Replacement crew on route.

[Dateline: Petram] The Vatican Chief Exorcist reported an increase in reported possessions, which he attributed to overindulgence in holoplays.

[Dateline: Exonym] Recent genetic enhancements of cyanobacteria improves typical terraforming speeds by 2.7%

<Pop Culture Parade> Couresse Ambassador repeats firm statement that no live mammals were consumed at the recent arts gala at the consulate.


Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #4


[Dateline: Shinyuan] Foreign Minister Gaoba issued a statement. “Our stellar opal miners now rest in peace after a cowardly attack. We, however, will not rest. The culprits will be traced out.”

[Dateline: New Lucknow] Mobilization of naval reserves commences in response to threats and accusations from system of Shinyuan.

[Dateline: Emerald Rift] A free trader reported receiving the following radio signal from the uninhabited world of Vytr “This is the voice of the synth resistance. There will be no negotiation. There will be no compromise. There will be biosynthetic evolution.”

[Dateline: Third York] A.I. dyssynchronization virus causes problems for people with cybernetically enhanced limbs purchased from Xeracorp Industries. Right hand does not know what left hand is doing. Nor does it want to,

[Dateline: Robin] Markets for rare-earth elements are in turmoil as tensions increase between the systems of New Lucknow and Shinyuan.

[Dateline: Senior House] Scientists successful in achieving quantum entanglement over 5 astronomical units. This opens up possibilities for instantaneous near stellar communication.

[Dateline: Convention Authority] Shipments of fragment cedar arrive across the systems of the Convention Authority as gamers and geeks prepare their saunas for the R³ Festival, when they reflect critically on the media they love, and prepare for renewal and transformation in the coming year.

[Dateline: Petram] The Pope sent greetings to the worlds of the Convention Authority as they celebrate the R³ Festival, noting that “reconciliation and renewal are shared values”.

[Dateline: Newcali] An asteroid is being inserted into orbit as a “second moon” increasing the variety and intensity of tides. Happy Surfing!

<Zek’s List> A Wearer of a Noble White mercury gown was seen standing in the observation deck of the Titanus on the ship’s eighty-ninth solar excursion. I want that  gown! Will pay well.

Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #3


[Dateline: Shinyuan] Reports of an attack on the Axkl, a craft carrying stellar opals on its way back to Shinyuan from the Flintarn belt, 5 crew killed.

[Dateline: Ferril] The congress of this newly rediscovered planet thanked explorers from the CAS Andre Norton for providing a cure for Alzheimer’s-related memory loss.

‏[Dateline: Hulon IV] Authorities looking for volunteers to colonize the desert world of Myriln III among the prison population. Reduced or commuted sentences available for first 1000 volunteers.

[Dateline: Lira] Main planet defense grid reportedly down seven times over last eighteen months for maintenance. Smugglers to blame?

Galra Amonis is not dead. She is everywhere. Just check a holo, a screen, reflections in the info net.

On this date in 2155 the colony at Kepler 22b was founded making the water rich planet the first to be settled both through a process of terraforming and genetic modifications tailored to facilitate thriving in specific terraformed aquatic environment.


Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #2


[Dateline: Shinyuan] Responding to the increasing tension with New Lucknow, Foreign Minister Gaoba stated “They can’t change interstellar law, and must accept our lucrative interests in the Flintarn belt.”

[Dateline: Newcali] The remains of rapper Zed Brax were returned to his daughter. Depressed over the Great Silence, and having given up hope the return of Interstellar travel and the opportunity to see his family again, he drank himself to death.

[Dateline: New Saitama] The Diet debates the potential of clone overpopulation: real or imagined? How will society deal with millions of obsolete replicants?

[Dateline: Convention Authority] Terraforming creating new friendships. Sorong and Third York establish a partnership for reshaping Cas-62f.

A controversial decision bans baying of genetically engineered werewolves at soccer matches.

[Dateline: Senior House] Today’s fellows lecture discusses the possibility of harnessing energy from a black hole to power a stellar beacon and fully restore galactic travel.

<Zek’s List> Notice to the Shahia of Heijaska. Your cyborg army will fall. Your Black Nebula mercenaries will betray you.

<Xeracorp promotions> Discover ten off-world parasites that can improve your health, career and romantic prospects! No quarantine required!


The setting of Return to the Stars!

1810670The Climate Wars of the 21st century nearly ended life on Earth. Humanity survived thanks to planetary engineering techniques and genetic enhancements that increased people’s intelligence, empathy and curiosity.

Peace, increased human capabilities, and optimism from overcoming the challenges of a century of conflict and environmental devastation led to a global renaissance in culture, science and technology.

Humankind soon spread through the solar system: terraforming Mars and Venus, and modifying and enhancing life to thrive in varied environments.

The development of stellar drives enabled the exploration and colonization of the Local Interstellar Cloud. Second generation drives extended that reach considerably, but the impact of these technologies was dwarfed by discovery of hyperspace topology and origami engines. A hyperspace beacon, built at enormous effort out the planet Mars itself, enabled near instantaneous navigation through folded space. The entire galaxy was in reach, and a galactic civilization was born.

With easy access to countless worlds and untold resources, humanity sorted itself into like-minded communities, with novelty relishing traders and tourists moving freely between them. The game starts in one such community, a collection of nearby systems known as the Convention Authority, founded to celebrate the most important pop cultural works of the 20th and 21st centuries: science fiction, fantasy, and gaming.

Suddenly and without warning, the stellar beacon at Mars went silent, rendering every origami engine ship inoperable instantaneously and ending galactic civilization.

The systems of the Convention Authority were able to stay united and in contact, because fans had maintained a replica fleet of early starships.

After a century of effort, a long range starship has been built. Its purpose: to return to the stars, and reconnect with lost civilizations of humanity.