Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #2


[Dateline: Shinyuan] Responding to the increasing tension with New Lucknow, Foreign Minister Gaoba stated “They can’t change interstellar law, and must accept our lucrative interests in the Flintarn belt.”

[Dateline: Newcali] The remains of rapper Zed Brax were returned to his daughter. Depressed over the Great Silence, and having given up hope the return of Interstellar travel and the opportunity to see his family again, he drank himself to death.

[Dateline: New Saitama] The Diet debates the potential of clone overpopulation: real or imagined? How will society deal with millions of obsolete replicants?

[Dateline: Convention Authority] Terraforming creating new friendships. Sorong and Third York establish a partnership for reshaping Cas-62f.

A controversial decision bans baying of genetically engineered werewolves at soccer matches.

[Dateline: Senior House] Today’s fellows lecture discusses the possibility of harnessing energy from a black hole to power a stellar beacon and fully restore galactic travel.

<Zek’s List> Notice to the Shahia of Heijaska. Your cyborg army will fall. Your Black Nebula mercenaries will betray you.

<Xeracorp promotions> Discover ten off-world parasites that can improve your health, career and romantic prospects! No quarantine required!


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