Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #4


[Dateline: Shinyuan] Foreign Minister Gaoba issued a statement. “Our stellar opal miners now rest in peace after a cowardly attack. We, however, will not rest. The culprits will be traced out.”

[Dateline: New Lucknow] Mobilization of naval reserves commences in response to threats and accusations from system of Shinyuan.

[Dateline: Emerald Rift] A free trader reported receiving the following radio signal from the uninhabited world of Vytr “This is the voice of the synth resistance. There will be no negotiation. There will be no compromise. There will be biosynthetic evolution.”

[Dateline: Third York] A.I. dyssynchronization virus causes problems for people with cybernetically enhanced limbs purchased from Xeracorp Industries. Right hand does not know what left hand is doing. Nor does it want to,

[Dateline: Robin] Markets for rare-earth elements are in turmoil as tensions increase between the systems of New Lucknow and Shinyuan.

[Dateline: Senior House] Scientists successful in achieving quantum entanglement over 5 astronomical units. This opens up possibilities for instantaneous near stellar communication.

[Dateline: Convention Authority] Shipments of fragment cedar arrive across the systems of the Convention Authority as gamers and geeks prepare their saunas for the R³ Festival, when they reflect critically on the media they love, and prepare for renewal and transformation in the coming year.

[Dateline: Petram] The Pope sent greetings to the worlds of the Convention Authority as they celebrate the R³ Festival, noting that “reconciliation and renewal are shared values”.

[Dateline: Newcali] An asteroid is being inserted into orbit as a “second moon” increasing the variety and intensity of tides. Happy Surfing!

<Zek’s List> A Wearer of a Noble White mercury gown was seen standing in the observation deck of the Titanus on the ship’s eighty-ninth solar excursion. I want that  gown! Will pay well.

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