Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #3


[Dateline: Shinyuan] Reports of an attack on the Axkl, a craft carrying stellar opals on its way back to Shinyuan from the Flintarn belt, 5 crew killed.

[Dateline: Ferril] The congress of this newly rediscovered planet thanked explorers from the CAS Andre Norton for providing a cure for Alzheimer’s-related memory loss.

‏[Dateline: Hulon IV] Authorities looking for volunteers to colonize the desert world of Myriln III among the prison population. Reduced or commuted sentences available for first 1000 volunteers.

[Dateline: Lira] Main planet defense grid reportedly down seven times over last eighteen months for maintenance. Smugglers to blame?

Galra Amonis is not dead. She is everywhere. Just check a holo, a screen, reflections in the info net.

On this date in 2155 the colony at Kepler 22b was founded making the water rich planet the first to be settled both through a process of terraforming and genetic modifications tailored to facilitate thriving in specific terraformed aquatic environment.


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