Stellar Beacon Weekly Digest #5


[Dateline: Convention Authority] Authority cruiser CAS Bradbury has tracked and captured the killers behind the attack on the mining vessel Axkl: a pirate vessel of the Dank Lords of Gulch. The surviving pirates have been delivered to Shinyuan to stand trial.

[Dateline: Newbury] Horde of naked androids reported roaming the outland steppes. Puritan regime at a loss regarding how to combat, asking for help.

[Dateline: Prospero Incline] Contact restored with deep space research station Xylio. Comm breakdown blamed on dark matter leak from station’s singularity reactor. Replacement crew on route.

[Dateline: Petram] The Vatican Chief Exorcist reported an increase in reported possessions, which he attributed to overindulgence in holoplays.

[Dateline: Exonym] Recent genetic enhancements of cyanobacteria improves typical terraforming speeds by 2.7%

<Pop Culture Parade> Couresse Ambassador repeats firm statement that no live mammals were consumed at the recent arts gala at the consulate.


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