Stellar Beacon weekly digest


[Dateline: Petram]  Vatican officials condemned the practice of making statues out of genetically engineered human exoskeletons, “The human body is made in God’s image, and this type of cosplay is an affront to the creator” noted the papal spokesbot.

[Dateline: New Lucknow] A damaged merchant vessel arrived with a cargo of cloning tanks, the crew reporting an attack by Galtian raiders. In political news, the Commissioner announced prototype testing origami engine stating: “We will play our part in ending the Great Silence.” Opposition leaders asked if it wise to spend limited resources on origami technology. Public outrage increases on social media.

[Dateline: Newcastle upon Eridanus] Eta Carinae selected to be as base planet for a gravitational observatory to look inside of Andromeda galaxy.

[Dateline: Shunyuan] The New Lucknow ambassador delivered a formal protest of Shunyuan’s control over the Flintarn belt saying “Stellar Opals always fuel conflicts. History is witness to it”

<Pop Culture Parade> Zero-point yoga literally twisting advocates and detractors out of shape. See what it could do for you and to you.


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