Sable Spencer, combat artist

Sable Spencer grew up wanting to be a painter, but was often teased by her classmates. She threw herself into body building and martial arts to fend off bullies, and found that expertise can naturally.

She still paints every day, but it is her physical prowess that earned her the chance to be among the first explorers returning to the stars…


  • High concept: Combat Artist
  • Trouble: I can’t stand bullies or trolls!
  • Aspect: Iron Body, Iron Will
  • Aspect: An artist’s eye sees the soul of the sitter.
  • Aspect: Let’s get on with it!


+4 Might
+3 Combat Arts, Scan
+2 Blast, Acrobatics, Making
+1 Cosplay, Might, Self-Control, Intrusion


I Guess I’ll Tank If you succeed in attacking an
opponent in melee combat, you gain +1 to your defense
against their next attack.
Person of Steel reduce any damage you take by a stress


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