Stellar Beacon Digest #7


[Dateline: Chapin] The Imana of Ishin has now been transferred into the Governance of Thar. All supplicants must now receive their datamind through the KoR.

[Dateline: Shinyuan] Ministry Notification: “The Gluch pirate vessel has been sold at auction. Each family of deceased miners will be given compensation of 10 REu from the proceeds, with the remainder of the funds being allocated to the system defense fund.”

Civil disorder strikes the puppeteer planet.

[Dateline: Ningyō] Explorers report that the puppeteer planet has descended into near anarchy because everyone suspects hidden manipulators.

[Dateline: Denub] Another Black Nebula pirate attack off the Denubian cluster costs passengers of Cyberian luxury cruise arms legs and more.

[Dateline: Leerhew] The second reading of a bill banning space debris because of the threat to orbital navigation of Kessler collisional cascading

Early stellar probes traveled at sub-light speeds!

<history> Historical mid-21st century probe now half way to Kepler 62e. Thanks to the end of the Great Silence we can be there in 600 years to greet it!

<Pop Culture Parade> Dark Matter festival planners claim latest a complete success. Authorities on the lookout for less than three hundred missing attendees this year.

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