Stellar Beacon Digest #8


[Dateline: Hulon IV] Contrary to reports, a spokesperson for planetary authorities offers assurances the colony ship Ambrosias is not under a sustained state of mutiny.

[Dateline: Senior House] Scientists say they are one step closer to developing an cure for Oakeshott’s Affliction, a disorder of the brain’s ability to process novel stimuli.

[Dateline: Курск] This planet has no inhabitants; simply robots running, maintaining and extending a vast subway system modeled on the Moscow Metro.

[Dateline: Mossav II] Gargg music voted the greatest export of Mossav culture. Electric pipes now mandatory training across the board. Purists outraged.

[Dateline: Third York] Seven ways to improve and upgrade your cyberware cheaply without cancelling your warranty or frying your brain.

<Zek’s List> Mercenary team and black ops dropship available at a 1 hour’s notice, no questions asked, full plausible deniability implied.

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