Stellar Beacon Digest #6


[Dateline: Throt] Galtean pirate ship reportedly destroyed while attempting to slingshot around a gas giant in a desperate attempt to escape outriders from the CAS Mary Shelley.

[Dateline: Shinyuan] Foreign Minister Gaoba issued a statement “We are shocked to know that pirates who slaughtered our miners are from Gluch, once a paradise planet. We are establishing a REU bounty on Gulch ships.”

[Dateline: Roubaix] According to explorers, this society banned anti-aging technology, saying it goes against their beliefs. Now that interstellar travel has been restored, those who reject societal norms are desperate to leave

[Dateline: Convention Authority] Unusual stellar “structures” detected deep in Andromeda galaxy according to a new finding released by the Eta Carinae Observatory.

Interest in Everettian quantum mechanics increases dramatically by students in secondary education

[Dateline: Petram] Vatican officals announced the charity auction of a cybernetic implants once belonging to St. Chim of Dundas VI. Properly accredited buyers can bid on the relics next month.

[Dateline: Senior House] Celebrations of the anniversary of terraforming on Gliese 667cf included an activated carbon sorbet. As you may recall, the reshaping of the planet began with removal of thick blanket of carbon dioxide.

[Dateline: Haris] This small station orbiting a moon, inhabited entirely by androids since the Great Silence 120 years ago, is starting a bordello and casino, open to all. Early reports indicate extensive uncanny valley issues.

<Zek’s List> Selling one biosecure ticket for the Jask Ehorn concert at the Perrian Colonade. Regenesis required to integrate ticket into your microbiome.

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