Character example: Belladonna Rose Esther Dahlia Ferncider

Belladonna Rose Esther Dahlia Ferncider (her friends call her Donna) grew up in a “traditionalist” agricultural commune. Well, traditionalist except that everyone had been genetically engineered to look like gnomes, halflings and dwarves of fantasy fiction. She is 3 feet tall with chibi-eyes, dagger ears, and hair like a fuzzy black lamb. She hated her rural life,and feels the space exploration will feed her wanderlust and take her far far away from the farm.

She’s a space pilot who breaks all the rules, fond of trick maneuvers in combat. Because of her appearance she sometimes has a hard time being taken seriously. She compensates by wearing nearly constantly wearing a flight jacket with emblazoned with patches from all the missions and expeditions she’s been on. She’s living the adventures she’s always wanted, so she typically has a broad smile and is happy and well liked, by humans and AIs alike.


  • High concept: pilot who breaks all the rules
  • Trouble: “Who needs backup?”
  • Aspect: need for speed
  • Aspect: button masher
  • Aspect: “What can I say, the AI likes me?”


  • +4 Piloting
  • +3 Acrobatics, Scan
  • +2 Blast, Intrusion, Making
  • +1 Cosplay, Might, Empathy, Networking


  • Trick Maneuver: when you succeed in evading damage using piloting, you opponent takes one stress, or two if you succeed with style.
  • Pecking, Ordered: In an unfamiliar social setting, you can immediately understand the power structures involved.
  • DPS: you can choose to at +2 to your melee attacks at the cost of you opponents inflicting +2 damage if they succeed in hitting you.


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