Character example: Gamal Bolívar Elnecash

Gamil Bolivar, starship engineer, is often seen carrying with a big wrench that he uses both to fix things and also to protect the weak.

He’s rather athletic, both enjoying the great outdoors and as the captain of a zero gravity water polo team.

He’s a shameless flirt, and seems to have a girl in every spaceport.


  • High concept: Starship Engineer with
    a Big Wrench
  • Trouble: “I protect the weak.”
  • Aspect: “Wait, I have another idea…”
  • Aspect: zero-gravity water polo champion
  • Aspect: a girl in every starport


  • +4 Making
  • +3 Survival, Combat Arts
  • +2 Blast, Acrobatics, Scan
  • +1 Cosplay, Might, Intrusion, Science (Physics)


  • The Great Outdoors once per session, you may reduce a moderate consequence to a minor one, by luxuriating in the great outdoors.
  • Not OSHA Compliant +2 to attacks you make in fights that take place in engineering related settings: workshops, factories, etc. Create an aspect to note the dangerous element of the setting giving you this edge.
  • Training montage once per session you can prepare for you next combat, gaining +1 to all melee skill checks in that scene


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